Hello! I'm Ashley Rock, the photographer and future guru of your session! My studio is located in Atlanta, Georgia but I also travel back to my home state, Indiana a few times a year for sessions! I also consider myself a traveling photographer, so I'm happy to come wherever you are and create magic together. I've been to several states in my career as well as people traveling to Georgia for me...and it's always the coolest experience. So wherever you're from, welcome to my website!

I don't consider myself your typical photographer. Let me explain; I try to really be a visual storyteller with a "captivating" approach to my craft. That is why I feel I specialize in intimate and creative photography. Over time I have carved out a distinct niche in the realm of boudoir photography, intimate elopements and creative portrait work. I realized I like to capture more than just images; I like to capture the essence of each client who trusts me behind the lens, no matter the type of work we are doing together. With those types of sessions, we always get to know each other personally (at least a little!) and therefore I can create your vision on a next level.

I bring a genuine love for emotions into my work. Not only in my images I capture but also through our experience together. I believe in authenticity, getting to know you and through that: I believe my photographs can resonate on a deeper level when you're the most comfortable. Whether it's some playful laughter or subtle vulnerability in a pose, I do my best at translating all of those beautiful emotions into visually stunning compositions.

I've been doing photography for quite some time and it has never stopped being an incredible experience for me. I have been full time for about 5 years and every year I love to continue to hone my craft. I'm a total goofball at heart (and I will be at your session) but I love capturing moody photography. Whether I'm traveling for your elopement or you're trusting me with something as vulnerable as boudoir in my own studio, I promise I got your back. No client leaves less than a friend and I'm so excited to help tell your story.