The Rockstar Mantra

Remember when life wasn't so hard? When we weren't so concerned with the latest beauty trend and if our eyebrows match that? Probably brings you to a lonnng time ago in your mind. Our motto at Rockstar Boudoir is to remind every woman the beauty and power of herself. We go through life and things happen to everyone of us. People make comments that hurt (even if we don't admit it), the media shows women who we look nothing like, we get scars, stretch marks, weight gain, weight loss and all of sudden these add up to a lot of insecurities. Even if we have learned to love our bodies...we FORGET in our day to day lives just how bad ass we are! Rockstar Boudoir is here to embrace your beauty as is and who you are in this moment! Rockstar Boudoir is here to be the reminder you need of the babe you are. We look in the same mirror everyday and sometimes we need a different light to rekindle that spark in us. As someone who once hated there own body for a very long time...Loving ourselves is one of the hardest things in life and I want to help you love yourself a little more while having an amazing experience. Welcome to Rockstar Boudoir!

I want to book a shoot...but then what?

Booking a shoot can be nerve wracking! Getting in front of a camera can be scary, much less half naked. But you've always been intrigued to do this, but how's it going to go? What if you don't know what to wear? That's why I've created a guide to help you step by step after you book! Starting from prep before your session to day of! That way day of you are a litttttle less nervous day of and ready to look amazing! It covers hair, makeup, outfits and what to expect! Don't worry. It is my job to help you pose and look your best. I pose from head to toe and even your facial expression. I promise I got all your best angles covered and it may even end up being fun. 😉

What's Included?

I want you to have an EXPERIENCE not just a photoshoot. Boudoir is so confidence boosting and I want you leaving feeling on top of the world. So during your shoot you will have a professional makeover including hair styling by our very own Veil Beauty Collective RIGHT NEXT DOOR. An all access salon that also focuses on empowerment. (They even have an coffee bar, score!) Your session also gives you access to our client closet with over 75+ pieces of lingerie (and accessories) and me as your personal stylist to help you pick what's best! You bring in your own favs, we go through the beautiful closet and we end up with a killer session full of beautiful outfits. Last but not least this includes full posing and coaching the whole way through from yours truly! Our luxury sessions also include professional retouching for after, so you don't have to stress about the pesky scratches and acne that can appear at the worst times.

I look forward to showing you the babe you've always been!

Feel free to check out more boudoir shots in the portfolio tab or join our female only Facebook group, Ashley Rockstar Boudoir VIP! Contact me for more information!